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Current subprojects:

Subproject 1: Institutional variation in issue congruence in Europe (Rasmussen, Reher, Toshkov)

Subproject 2: Interest groups and responsiveness in Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden (Rasmussen etc.)

Subproject 3: Media content analysis of the conditioning factors of issue responsiveness in Denmark & Germany (Rasmussen, Binderkrantz, Klüver, Mäder)

Subproject 4: Issue characteristics and responsiveness: The case of Germany (Mäder, Rasmussen)

Subproject 5: Dynamic agenda representation and interest groups in the US (Bevan, Rasmussen)

Subproject 6: Policy Responsiveness over time in Sweden (Rasmussen, Romeijn, Toshkov)

Subproject 7: Information exchange between interest groups and policy-makers and its effect on policy responsiveness (Floethe)


Selected GovLis publications and working papers:

Rasmussen, A., Romeijn, J. and Toshkov, D. (forthcoming) 'Dynamics of Regulatory Policymaking in Sweden: The Role of Media Advocacy and Public Opinion', Scandinavian Political Studies.

Bevan, S. and Rasmussen, A. (forthcoming) 'When Does Government Listen to the Public? Voluntary Associations and Dynamic Agenda Representation in the United States', Policy Studies Journal.

Rasmussen, A, Mäder, L and Reher, S. (2017) 'With a little help from the people? The role of public opinion in advocacy success' Comparative Political Studies, OnlineFirst.

Mäder, L. and Rasmussen A. 'Responsiveness in Western European Parliamentary Systems: Evidence from Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom' (paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in San Francisco, September 2015).

Rasmussen, A., Reher, S. and Toshkov, D. 'Political Institutions and Policy Representation in Europe' (version November 2016).

Rasmussen, A. and Reher, S. 'The impact of voluntary associations on policy representation in Europe' (paper presented at the annual meeting of the Danish Political Science Association, October 2015).


Selected publications by GovLis project team members:

Alexandrova, P, Rasmussen, A and Toshkov, D. (2015) 'Agenda Responsiveness in the European Council: Public Priorities, Policy Problems and Political Attention', West European Politics, OnlineFirst.

Junk, Wiebke Marie (2015) 'Two Logics of NGO advocacy: understanding inside and outside lobbying on EU environmental policies', Journal of European Public Policy.

Reher, S. (2015) 'Explaining Cross-National Variation in the Effect of Priority Congruence on Satisfaction with Democracy', European Journal of Political Research.

Klüver, H. (2015) 'Interest groups in the German Bundestag: Exploring the issue linkage between citizens and interest groups', German Politics.

Rasmussen, A., Carroll, B. and Lowery, D. (2014) 'Representatives of the Public? Public Opinion and Interests Group Activity', European Journal of Political Research.

Rasmussen A. and Carroll B. (2014) ‘Determinants of upper-class dominance in the heavenly chorus: Lessons from European Commission online consultations’, British Journal of Political Science 44(2).

König, T. and Mäder, L. (2014) 'The Strategic Nature of Compliance: An Empirical Evaluation of Law Implementation in the Central Monitoring System of the European Union', American Journal of Political Science 58(1).

Reher, S. (2014). 'The Effect of Congruence in Policy Priorities on Electoral Participation', Electoral Studies 36: 158-72.

Rasmussen A. and Toshkov, D. (2013) 'The Effect of Stakeholder Involvement: Consultation of External Actors and Legislative Duration', European Union Politics 14(3).

Alexandrova, P. and A. Rasmussen (2013) 'Political Responsiveness in Multi-Level Systems: The case of the European Union', Working paper.

Toshkov, D. (2012 'Policy Making Beyond Political Ideology: The Adoption of Smoking Bans in Europe', Public Administration, Vol. 91 (2).

Binderkrantz, Anne  Skorkjær (2012) 'Interest Groups in the Media. Bias and Diversity over Time', European Journal of Political Research. 51(1).

Wlezien, C. & Soroka, S. N. (2012) 'Political Institutions and the Opinion–Policy Link', West European Politics 35(6).

Halpin, Darren & Anne Skorkjær Binderkrantz (2011).'Explaining Breadth of Policy Engagement: Patterns of Interest Group Mobilization in Public Policy', Journal of European Public Policy 18(2).

Toshkov, D. (2011) 'Public opinion and policy output in the European Union: A lost relationship', European Union Politics 12(2).

Soroka, S. N. & Wlezien, C. (2010) Degrees of Democracy, New York, Cambridge University Press.

Baumgartner, F. R., Gray, V. & Lowery, D. (2009) 'Federal Policy Activity and the Mobilization of State Lobbying Organizations',Political Research Quarterly, 62(3).

Gray, V., Lowery, D., Fellowes, M. & Anderson, J. L. (2005) 'Legislative Agendas and Interest Advocacy', American Politics Research, 33(3).

Gray, V., Lowery, D., Fellowes, M. & McAtee, A. (2004) 'Public Opinion, Public Policy, and Organized Interests in the American States', Political Research Quarterly, 57(3).




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