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Policy Responsiveness over time in Sweden (Rasmussen, Romeijn, Toshkov)

This subproject analyzes time-series data on public opinion, political parties, interest group activities and policy outcomes on 12 specific policy issues in Sweden from 1987 to 2013. The public opinion data is derived from annual, representative survey data tapping the policy-related preferences of Swedish citizens between 1987 and 2013. It is combined with a systematic mapping of policy over time on the issues and a record of interest group activity in the media. The unique dataset allows us to outline responsiveness on specific policies through time. When existing studies address both interest group activity and public opinion, they tend to either use very general indicators of policy (preferences), or there is no temporal dimension in the analysis. This subproject allows us to do both and gain a comprehensive understanding of the competing effects of public opinion and interest group activity on the changes in policy outcomes over time. Moreover, the subproject will also map the preferences of different political parties on these issues. By doing so it can help unravel the different ways in which political parties respond to (changes) in public opinion on specific issues.

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